About Us

I've always loved quilts. I've been sewing since I was kid but seriously quilting for the last ten years or so. As the pandemic has progressed and we have all searched for the best masks available, it occurred to me that quilting with its multi-layers and intricate stitching could create a high-quality, protective face covering. The science suggests that our masks should create a 'fiber forest' through which virus particles have trouble reaching our airways or the airways of those around us. If so, then a quilted mask would be a viable option. So, for folks who are looking for a more substantial, protective face covering, I've created twelve washable quilted designs, all in sustainable materials. Each mask has three layers, two layers of organic quilting cotton (inside and out) and one layer of organic cotton batting, all sewn with organic cotton thread. They adhere to the multiple layer guidelines established by the CDC and WHO and create the complex barrier often cited in research on cloth masks and they're eco-friendly. I've added a flexible nose bridge, chin covering and adjustable ear toggles to secure the best fit possible. They are breathable, comfortable against the skin, and perfect for outdoor activities in cooler weather and indoor activities when you need a bit more protection.
                                                              Tampathia from Bunch and Rosa